According to Zillow, the median home price in Wisconsin is $179,000. Wonder what you can get for $179k in 20 of the most expensive cities in the US?


New York, NY

660 St Nicholas Ave Apt 43, New York, NY 10030

Own a whopping 350 square feet, 1-bedroom 1-bathroom unit here for just $169,000! But hey – it’s close to the trains.

San Francisco, CA

Unfortunately, there aren’t any properties available in San Francisco, but only 10 minutes away you can own this beaut.

Honolulu, HI

1700 Ala Moana Blvd Apt 901, Honolulu, HI 96815

Slightly more spacious than the New York 1-bedroom, this 365 square foot studio is available for the taking at only $179,000. But let’s be honest – if you’re LIVING IN HONOLULU, does it really matter where you sleep?

Boston, MA

5 Sutton St Unit 2 B, Boston, MA 02126

Up next: Boston. This 3-bedroom 1-bath unit has 835 square feet – according to the listing agent “lots of room to spread out.”

Washington, D.C.

2115 Suitland Ter Se Apt 302, Washington, DC 20020

At $170,000, you can own one of the units in this condo complex. Each unit in this brick building is 2 bedrooms and has 1 bath with 637 square feet.

San Jose, CA

3011 Oakbridge Dr, San Jose, CA 95121

Welcome to San Jose. This gem is available for purchase at $179,900. Wood paneling and wallpaper included.

San Diego, CA

33 Rd Lot S, San Diego, CA 92113

About 8 hours away from the last stop, we find ourselves in San Diego. No, you won’t be able purchase a home right away but you can build one on this $175,000 piece of land.

Los Angeles, CA

In LaLa land, you can try to get this not approved shortsale for $175,000.

Miami, FL

1135 Euclid Ave Unit 107, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Can you feel the Miami heat? Make this 458 sq ft studio your home for just $175k in the heart of South Beach.

Providence, RI

251 Rhodes St, Providence, RI 02905

This Grand Victoria is a bit of a fixer-upper in Rhode Island. But it can be yours after a little TLC at $179,000.

Minneapolis, MN

2543 Johnson St Ne, Minneapolis, MN 55418

This 738 square foot home sits just northeast of the “Hotdish Revolution, #1 rated Arts District in the country, the greenest high school in the state of Minnesota and 11 brewers & distilleries.”

Seattle, WA

130 Sw 116th St Unit F22, Seattle, WA 98146

It’s slim pickings in Seattle but for $179,000 this condo (the only property available to purchase) can be yours to call home.

Philadelphia, PA

273 Kalos St, Philadelphia, PA 19128

We now enter the land of cheesesteaks. You can own this 2-bedroom condo for $180,000.

Chicago, IL

7145 S Springfield Ave, Chicago, IL 60629

In the windy city, this 6-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home is $179,000 with 4,125 square feet.

Portland, OR

5222 Sw 42nd Ave, Portland, OR 97221

This spacious 896 square foot townhouse is up for grabs in Portland and includes an enclosed sun porch.

Atlanta, GA

2513 Lewfield Cir Se, Atlanta, GA 30316

Want to live in Georgia? This peach can be yours for $179,000. This home is located at 2513 Lewfield is sitting pretty with two stories, 4-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms and 1,181 square feet.

Denver, CO

1008 N Corona St Apt 406, Denver, CO 80218

Live in the heart of Capitol Hill in this 552 square foot condo for $180,000.

Austin, TX

11970 Jollyville Rd Unit 116, Austin, TX 78759

Everything is bigger in Texas, right? This 1,069 square foot condo sits on the market for $179,000.

Hartford, CT

77 Newbury St, Hartford, CT 06114

Last stop, Hartford. This 4-bedroom colonial stands alone as the only single family residence available for purchase with 1,790 square feet.


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