Empty spaces? Chaotic kitchen? No room for storage? If you’re looking for solutions, we have them. These trends are blowing up the pin boards – and some ideas might blow your mind.

Subtle Seasonal Storage

Don’t have any room left in the closet for off-season clothing? Think outside the bedroom – utilize things like vintage trunks, luggage and woven baskets.


Accessories = Decor

There aren’t many options when it comes to storing things like hats and necklaces. Instead of shoving them in boxes and drawers, people are starting to hang them up – right on the wall.


In Plain Sight

Lack of closet space? Set up your own. A big trend right now has been DIY closets displaying an open wardrobe.


Entryway Styling

First impressions matter, right? Homeowners are stepping up their game when it comes to entryway organization.


Laundry Room Styling & Organization

Yes, laundry is a lame chore. But the room doesn’t need to reflect that. Subtle changes can improve the space by adding rugs, baskets or even plants.


The Linen Closet

Have house guests? Linen closets are being taken to the next level. At-the-ready closets for stocking up on linens are both useful and stylish.


Acrylic Bathroom Storage

Problem: I can’t find anything in the drawers and it’s a mess.
Solution: Acrylic storage.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Under the Sink Storage

Maximize the space under your sink to keep your items organized & dry.


Shower Plants

A new trend is taking over – shower plants. Pro: cleans the air & eliminates bacteria. Another plus, you never have to think about watering it.


Small Space Wallpaper

I am completely on team wallpaper. New easily removable wallpaper is taking off making a small space something special.


Pantry Organization

Plain ol’ pantry stocking is a thing of the past. People are taking panties from boring to stylish (and organized).


Vertical Bar Carts

The new trend for the kitchen: bar carts. But who has the room? If lack of space is a problem for you, turn to the new trend – vertical bar carts.


Composting 101

It’s all about going green. Turn table scraps into plant food for your garden without an eyesore in your yard.


Kitchen Command Center

Lists on the fridge are out – command centers are in.  No more long to-do lists on the fridge.


Cast Iron Cookware

More and more people are moving away from non-stick cookware and switching gears. Cast Iron cookware has become more popular. Bonus: beautiful idea for kitchen decor.


Faux Finishes

Want to refresh your kitchen in a snap? Renters and homeowners are turning to stick-on tile for a stylish, cost effective revamp.


Think Pink

Millennial pink is going full throttle from bathroom tiles to throw pillows.


Get Your Cozy On

Warner tones and comfy hideaways are definitely trending right now. Darker tones and fluffy pillows are just a few subtle ways to go from cold to cozy.


Rounded Mirrors

Rounded mirrors are here to stay from the entry, to the bedroom or the bathroom, they are popping up on walls everywhere.


Knobs & Legs

Turning the ordinary into extraordinary. Adding new legs or stylish knobs can turn basic furniture into something totally unique.


Small changes and DIY projects can make your home into something special without breaking the bank. What will your next project be?


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